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Nutrition and Weight Loss

A great deal of confusing information concerning food, nutrition and weight loss exists out there today and I am here to help guide you away from the fiction and lead you to the facts. 

I personally have struggled with weight since the age of nine.  I have done many diets over my life time, so I have a lifetime of experience and expertise in this area.  Nutrition is my most focused area of interest because most all issues in the body lead back to the diet.  Highly processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs have taken the place of real food nutritional therapy in our modern world.  Many of the the things we are eating today are causing chronic diseases as well as autoimmune disorders.  So many children are being over medicated for issues that could be dealt with solely by changing their diets.

I use Standard Process™ whole food nutritional supplements in addition to Chinese herbs and acupuncture to restore balance to your body.  When appropriate I will also request lab work to further help me get you back to health.

Nutrition and Weight Loss -


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